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Jesus coming out of the tomb Message Box
Creation Message Box Image
Jesus on the cross Message Box Image
Children praying Message Box image

What is a Message Box?

The Message Box is a small (Rubik's Cube sized) toy. Each Message Box has a a scene on every side. When you press the red button on the top, The Message Box tells the story of each image. Press the button and listeners learn that God created the earth and all life. Part two talks about sin and Jesus dying on the cross. The third part shares about Jesus' resurrection & finally part four offers listeners the opportunity to accept the love of Jesus and surrender their life to Him, through a prayer of salvation.

Each Message Box can tell its story hundreds of times! 

Over the years, we have created a system that allows us to have this salvation message translated and recorded in any language. Since starting this ministry in 2012, we have produced and shipped more than 35,000 Message Boxes, in 17 languages, to 25 different countries!

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"Message Boxes were the perfect community gift to give during our Easter outreach. We used the English version and the kids loved them! They are a fun and dynamic way to ensure the Gospel is being shared with a family long after you have left."

-Pastor John Elliott

Every dollar helps!

It costs roughly $4 to produce and ship each Message Box, depending on it's final destination. With new projects always being added, we know the importance of each dollar that's given.

Outside of some very basic costs to host our website and an occasional social media ad, our overhead is basically nonexistent. We have no paid employees and no office expenses. That means that nearly 100% of every single dollar given, goes straight to the production and shipment of Message boxes.

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