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Help give
Message boxes
to every child
on earth

our mission:

Our mission is to give Message Boxes to ministries and missionaries around the world and help them tell the story of Jesus! The Message Box offers a creative and unique way for people to hear about the love of Jesus, in their own language.

How it all works:

It's expensive to produce

and ship Message Boxes and we can't do this without you!

Your support enables us to freely give Message Boxes to missionaries and ministries, around the world.


Each project is has a predetermined amount of Message Boxes pledged. Once funding is raised to complete a project, Message Boxes are packaged and shipped off to help tell the world about the love of Jesus!


The Message Box is a unique, fun and interactive element for every kind of mission trip and outreach.

Since 2012, Message Boxes have been used by churches and missionaries in 10 different countries,

including the United States.

Jesus coming out of the tomb Message Box
Children praying Message Box image
Jesus on the cross Message Box Image
Creation Message Box Image
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